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Resolve pain & stress-prescription of physical therapy, therapeutic yoga, Pilates & wellness so that you can take VIP care of yourself & your family, be a top performer at work, school & sports, sleep like a baby, and live your life BIG!  



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Physical Therapy

1 hour treatments available in studio, outdoors, virtual, private home or organization 1 on 1. No prescription needed. No insurance restrictions. No getting passed off to an assistant. Treatment for: pain, headaches, arthritis, joint replacements, after surgery and motor vehicle accidents...

Therapeutic Yoga

30 minutes to 1-hour classes available in studio, outdoors, virtual, private home or organization, 1 on 1 or group. Beginner friendly with modifications as needed. Great for flexibility, strengthening, core work, coordination, balance, stress management, anxiety, and more...


30 minutes to 1 hour classes available in studio (to hip hop music), outdoors, virtual, private home or organization, 1 on 1 or group. Beginner friendly with modifications as needed. Great for flexibility, strengthening, core work, coordination, balance, and more...


Wellness sessions available in studio, outdoors, virtual, and on site at organization. Team building, continuing education, workshops, webinars, ergonomic modifications, employee assessments, pre-employment screens, speaking engagements, and more...

Dr. Nekita Sullivan, SC native & Clemson Alumna, is the proud owner of Yoga Therapy Bar. The studio is located in downtown Clemson and provides holistic therapy and wellness for your mind and body. The therapeutic goal is to decrease your body's physical pain and mental stress with a unique blend of physical therapy, therapeutic yoga, Pilates and wellness. These therapeutic tools reduce your pain and improve your function so that you can live your daily life BIG at home, at work, at school, and in your community. This service is available to youth, adults, seniors, athletes, esports athletes, and those with special needs. If you are looking for the best physical therapy, therapeutic yoga, Pilates, and wellness services, look no further than Yoga Therapy Bar located in Downtown Clemson, SC. Services are available in the studio, virtually, or off-site. We are proud to service Clemson and the Upstate of South Carolina.

Dr. Nekita says, "That you are ABSOLUTELY worth more than a car! The average person spends $1015 per month to own a car which includes payment, insurance, fuel, repairs, maintenance, and depreciation. Does your body deserve a bigger investment than you spend on your car? INVEST in yourself! You only have one body. Give it what it deserves and it will give you a better performance. If you give your body cheap exercise and ready to receive stiffness, pain, poor sleep, tiredness, stress, and other unhealthy side effects.  Cheap services are not allowed here! I've got some VIP therapy and wellness for your body and your mind. If you are willing...Yoga Therapy Bar is ready. LET'S GO! BYOB (Bring Your Own Body)! #movementismedicine

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Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates Calendar

- Physical Therapy by appointment
- 4:00 pm HOTTIES Hip Hop Yogalates (tone & shape)

- Physical Therapy by appointment
- 11:30 am UNDER HER SKIRT Hip Hop Pilates (core focus hips, abs, back, pelvis)

- Physical Therapy by appointment
- In the Community
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What Everyone Says About Yoga Therapy Bar

Both of my collegiate student-athletes have benefited from the services of Dr. Sullivan. Both are XC/TF runners. She has worked with them both on strengthening hips, rehabilitating a broken leg, to diagnosing hamstring pain. I highly recommend her services!

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Bradley R.

After almost a year of back pain and limited activity, I had Dr Sullivan do an evaluation.  It was very thorough. She suggested multiple exercises which I do almost daily.  In now more than 7 months, no pain!  I did acupuncture, multiple injections, pain pills and exercise has helped more than anything!

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Carol T.

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your keynote speech at the inaugural South Carolina Business Summit, which took place on August 17. 2023 at the Richland Two Institute of Innovation. Your insights and perspective were truly enlightening and resonated deeply with the attendees. The theme of the summit, "Breaking Barriers: Building Success," was encapsulated in your keynote, "Thriving in Turbulence, Navigating Challenges for Sustainable Success." Your ability to navigate the complexities of business challenges and provide actionable strategies for achieving sustainable success left a lasting impression. Your wisdom and experience shared during the summit will undoubtedly inspire individuals to overcome obstacles and pursue their goals with renewed determination. Your contribution played a pivotal role in making the event a meaningful and transformative experience for all participants.

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Shauna C.

Nekita was so amazing we came for a bachelorette yoga event! It was most of our first time doing a yoga class and hand so much fun and left feeling so relaxed! 10/10 recommend!

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Sydney L.

Dr. Nekita Sullivan is a skilled, proficient, compassionate PHYSICAL THERAPIST.  I am 75 years old with chronic back pain that was really affecting my quality of life - and getting worse.  Pain management techniques weren't working.Dr. Sullivan, with her perky personality, has adeptly evaluated and taught me how to gradually improve my stiff, sore back.  She is such a great encourager - never allowing me to even think negative thoughts.  I especially appreciated the personalized how-to videos she sent each week and the mid week encouragement text.  The program has helped me to do so many normal, household chores that I was unable to do before. The hour I spent with her each week was filled, not only with exercises (that she performed with me), but also lots of fun and laughter.  Best of all, I consider her a friend

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Sheron H.

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