A photo of Dr. Nekita Sullivan, owner of Yoga Therapy Bar
Yoga Therapy Bar is proud to introduce you to the owner Dr. Nekita Sullivan, Clemson Alumna.

Dr. Nekita Sullivan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Health Education Specialist. She opened Yoga Therapy Bar as a therapeutic yoga studio to provide holistic wellness services. This yoga therapy specialty is customized to improve the physical and mental health of Clemson students, staff, and residents. This is therapeutic yoga and physical therapy with a purpose. Check out Nekita as she exclusively offers yoga therapy services in downtown Clemson. She has evolved into an accomplished holistic stress management expert. Nekita is also a proud Clemson Alumna thrilled to be reunited with her Clemson family.

About yoga

What is Yoga Therapy?

Dr. Nekita Sullivan blended physical therapy and yoga into a superpowered yoga service. Watch the video below to learn more!

About us


We are engaged with our Clemson community both on and off campus. And we are constantly looking for ways to support student-led activities and events around Clemson.


Yoga Therapy Bar offers an upscale escape and getaway with modern décor and soothing earth tones that calm the mind and body. We pair our favorite playlists with our custom essential oils blend to sooth your senses during each service. The spa-like environment was designed especially to offer some serenity and a stress-melting yoga therapy experience.

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