Physical TherapYoga

What is Physical TherapYoga?
Dr. Nekita Sullivan, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Yoga Teacher blends physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates to provide a unique holistic specialty. She has 20 years of experience with various populations: athletes, seniors, youth, special needs (including those with autism spectrum disorder), and more.  

A 1-hour session 1-on-1 includes: evaluation and treatment with physical therapy and yoga including: therapeutic exercise and activity, manual therapy, gait training, neuromuscular re-education, massage, home exercise program, modalities, breath work, music therapy, or meditation as indicated.

Common dysfunction may include: headaches, neck or back pain, upper or lower extremity injuries, pelvic floor issues, hip or knee replacements, recovery after surgery, motor vehicle accident, stroke, hospitalization, COVID, illness and more…

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Therapeutic exercise classes are also provided upon request. These classes are great for churches, organizations, medical providers who want to improve the physical health of their members or employees with options for on site, in studio, virtual, and outdoors.

Dr. Sullivan is a manual physical therapist that believes in the healing power of touch. It is very unlikely that you will complete an in-person physical therapy treatment session without her "laying hands" on you.

NO prescription needed! No waiting 3 to 4 weeks to start physical therapy. You get the same doctor of physical therapy each time for a full hour one-on-one. You get a video or pdf format for your home exercise program. Treatment sessions are available for a flat fee or for a monthly packaged fee. Wellness visits are scheduled once per month after finishing your prescribed physical therapy plan to maintain your progress and keep you on the healthiest physical and mental path. However, insurance is not accepted.  An invoice will be provided after treatment if you choose to file out of network provider with your insurance carrier. Current availability for morning & afternoon appointments within 1 week with Saturday morning availability as well. Sessions are offered in studio, outdoors, and virtual.

A special message from Dr. Nekita: "It is my sincere desire to offer my physical therapy patients, their caregivers, and yoga and Pilates students a double portion of compassion SUPER-SIZED!" #thecompassionatePTyogaPilatesteacher
Physical Therapy at Yoga Therapy Bar