Corporate Wellness

- Corporations and organizations challenge their employees to fulfill multiple job duties.

- These duties often require employees to multitask, manage several projects, make long commutes, work extended hours, sit for prolonged periods with desk responsibilities and meetings, keep pace or get ahead of their competitors...

- Many corporate employees experience physical and mental stressors which manifest as back and neck pain, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression.

- Companies spend millions of dollars due to workers compensation claims, disability, low productivity, high turnover, poor performance...

- Corporate wellness offers a solution by providing a holistic physical and mental wellness service all in one customized to target specific issues.

- This unique corporate wellness is available on site in Upstate SC, virtually, and live streamed for global accessibility.

-Some services include: worker's compensation physical and hand therapy group classes to get workers started within the same week of injury, employee and customer appreciation stretch massages, ergonomic work station modifications, employee resource activities, employee assistance program treatment, stretch with lunch and learn, pet therapy, holistic team-building, therapeutic videos, and more.

-HR, wellness directors, management, health and safety officers, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical assistants, counselors, therapists, attorneys, insurance adjustors and more are welcome to contact me by email at in for detail.