Holistic Pediatric Play Therapy with Physical Therapy, Yoga, & Pilates

A photo of Dr. Nekita Sullivan, owner of Yoga Therapy Bar
Dr. Nekita Sullivan
November 12, 2022
Holistic Pediatric Play Therapy with Physical Therapy, Yoga, & Pilates

Holistic Pediatric Play Therapy with Physical Therapy, Yoga, & Pilates

What is pediatric play therapy? As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have the privilege of treating kids with orthopedic injuries, developmental delay, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, Down syndrome, autism and other special needs. The recurrent issues that limit kids from thriving at home, school, and in the community manifests as difficulty performing daily activities. Core weakness, poor flexibility, lack of mental focus, and anxiety are common culprits. As a result, many kids struggle with everyday tasks that require prolonged sitting, standing, and walking which often lead to neck and back pain. They have difficulty transitioning to different surfaces while walking or running such as stairs, grass, and gravel without falling. Many of them are also unable to complete a task effectively because they are easily distracted and give in to frustration. In my 20 plus years of experience, I have been most successful utilizing therapeutic activities that resemble play. These activities are most attractive to kids. Therefore, I have created a customized play therapy service that blends physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates for kids.

Some people may find it somewhat humorous that my play therapy service includes this unique blend of physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates. However, this superpowered treatment is effective in improving physical and mental performance for kids to be able to holistically function at their best. I utilize the physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates to improve their balance, coordination, flexibility, range of motion, core strength, and more. Many injuries are a result of core weakness and instability. Injuries to the arms and legs are more prevalent when there is a lack of strength and stability at their core foundation. I utilize the mental components of breath work and meditation in yoga to help them self-manage their anxiety and frustration, decrease fear, improve self-control, and increase mental focus.

What can you expect during your kids' holistic play therapy session? This superpowered therapeutic hour starts with physical therapy activities and Pilates to target physical function. A common therapeutic activity includes the Pilates exercise of swimming which promotes back and neck extension necessary for sitting, standing, walking, running, kneeling, jumping, climbing, with upright posture. It is important for your kids to be able to maintain back and neck extension to prevent sitting in a forward rounded position that affects their ability to read, see, eat, breathe, and more. Another therapeutic exercise includes the Pilates rolling like a ball which is an abdominal strengthening exercise that balances and stabilizes the front of their core. Intentional breath work and meditation is usually done towards the end of the session. However, it is also utilized during the session if the kid has uncontrollable outbursts of frustration or crying. This is used to help improve their mental function and decrease stress.

Pediatric play therapy services health services currently are provided Thursday through Saturday in the studio, virtually, outdoors, and off-site including house calls. Services are an hour in duration one-one-one.  Pricing options include a flat fee for one treatment or a package. No referral is needed. There are no insurance limitations. Appointments are available the same week. Kids will not be passed off to an assistant. Kids will not be seen with other patients at the same time. Parents and guardians will not receive an unexpected medical bill in the mail. Email Dr. Nekita Sullivan at info@yogatherapybar.com for details. You can also check us out on the web at www.yogatherapybar.com and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In.  #physicaltherapyclemson#yogaclemson #YogaTherapyBar #physicaltherapy #yoga #pilates #holistic #yogatherapybar#kidshealth #pediatricphysicaltherapy #kidsyoga #playtherapy