Wellness for the Body and Mind

A photo of Dr. Nekita Sullivan, owner of Yoga Therapy Bar
Dr. Nekita Sullivan
March 18, 2023
Wellness for the Body and Mind

Wellness for the Body and Mind

Yoga Therapy Bar is proud to be a provider of wellness services for the Clemson, Pickens County, and Upstate community. Physical and mental well-being is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to ensure that wellness is a part of your daily life it is important to implement physical and mental activities. Yoga Therapy Bar provides health education to promote wellness services that improve the physical and mental healthiness of the body and mind. An effective wellness plan can help ensure that holistic healthiness is a consistent part of one’s daily lifestyle. Dr. Nekita Sullivan is a certified health education specialist that provides health education as a holistic wellness service in her physical therapy, yoga, and Pilates services.

Life is busy for many of us. It is difficult to get all of our daily tasks completed. How do you implement physical and mental wellness in your daily activities? You have to be intentional by planning or scheduling tasks throughout your day just as you do tasks for work, family, school, and the community. Some of these tasks can include exercise class, meditation time, gardening, wind down time, and more. It is also important to prepare grocery lists or meals based on healthy food and drink options. How about limiting the number of times you eat out at restaurants that only have foods high in salt, sugar, fat, and cholesterol? It is also important to purchase products or services that promote healthy living such as massage, chairs that encourage correct posture, recreational tasks with family and friends, and aromatherapy. Wellness services are available for individuals, groups, and corporations.

How do we maintain wellness at work? Life in the corporate world can be very stressful. Companies are constantly trying to keep pace with their competitors. As a result, working in the corporate world can be very busy, fast-paced, with multiple deadlines, long work hours, and extended driving commutes. Staff and employees that have administrative or desk jobs often spend a lot of time sitting at their computers in prolonged and uncomfortable postures staring at computer screens for hours out of the day. Labor workers who build and maintain products usually perform repetitive tasks which can lead to cumulative trauma and injury. Quite often health care costs companies millions of dollars due to physical and mental injury associated with workplace stress. Corporate wellness is a great option to improve the health of the work environment for staff and employees.  Yoga therapy bar provides wellness services such as:  retreats, team building, stretch videos, yoga lunch parties, mid-day stretch breaks, workshops, assessments, and ergonomic workstation modifications.  These services are holistic as they are targeted at preventing, managing, or resolving physical and mental injuries in the workplace.

Wellness services are currently provided Thursday through Saturday in the studio, virtually, outdoors, and off-site. Services provided off-site are scheduled in advance. Email Dr. Nekita Sullivan at info@yogatherapybar.com for more information. You can also check us out on the web at www.yogatherapybar.com and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  #wellness #corporatewellness #YogaTherapyBar#holistic #mindbody  

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