Don't sleep on girls' sports!

A photo of Dr. Nekita Sullivan, owner of Yoga Therapy Bar
Dr. Nekita Sullivan
June 6, 2024
Don't sleep on girls' sports!

Don't sleep on girls' sports!

Sha’ Carri Richardson, Suni Lee, and Caitlin Clark got game! These highly successful women athletes of track and field, gymnastics, and basketball have people peeping girls and women sports like never before. These high-profile women athletes along with other flavorful factors have contributed to the explosive recipe of a super-sized sports world for girls and women of all ages. In 2024, several key trends are shaping the landscape of girls' sports:

1.      Increasing Participation Rates: The participation rate for girls in youth sports has high-jumped and pole-vaulted to its highest level since 2013. This increase is part of a broader trend where more girls are sprinting to the starting line to sign-up for sports activities, driven by rising interest and better support structures​ (Jersey Watch)​​ (League Apps)​.

2.      Mental Health Focus: There's a growing emphasis on mental health and self-care of young athletes. Sports programs have their eyes laser focused and ears wide-open to recognize the pressures faced by young athletes in order to create supportive environments that address their holistic physical and mental wellness. (Minisport HK)​​ (League Apps)​.

3.      Wearable Technology: The use of wearable technology like FitBit and Apple Watch is on and popping in youth sports. These devices help monitor health data, level up training programs, and keep you in the game and out of street clothes, upgrading performance and safety for young athletes​ (Minisport HK)​​ (LeagueApps)​.

4.      Economic Accessibility: The shift towards pay-to-play models in youth sports has raised concerns about accessibility for families from diverse economic backgrounds especially the hood. Efforts are being made to provide more inclusive and affordable sports programs to ensure that BIG Benjamin sports don't keep children out of the game​ (Minisport HK)​​ (LeagueApps)​. In other words, it is essential to level the playing field.

5.      High Attrition Rates:  Participation has increased but youth sports still face high drop-out rates, with many young athletes quitting annually. This trend highlights the need for sports programs to be attractive to young athletes over the long term by making sports enjoyable and less stressful​ (Jersey Watch)​​ (LeagueApps)​. Who wants to date an ugly sport? Not I said the youth athlete!

6.      Increased Focus on Diverse Participation: There is a push towards encouraging children to spread their talents to multiple sports rather than putting all of their balls in the same basket. This approach helps in the development of a broad range of physical skills, reduces the risk of overuse injuries, and prevents burnout​ (Jersey Watch)​​ (LeagueApps)​.

These trends indicate a dynamic and evolving environment in girls' sports, with a strong emphasis on inclusivity, mental health, technological integration, and sustainable participation. Dr. Nekita Sullivan, owner of Yoga Therapy Bar has a message for parents. “Parents don't sleep on girls’ sports!” Nekita started playing sports her freshman year at Mauldin High School in Greenville, SC. Her mother combined her love for sports with her interest in health. She suggested a career in physical therapy as it was projected to be one of the top ten careers at that time.  Nekita began shadowing in high school and the rest is history. Sports taught her how to work together with teammates, overcome adversity, the importance of practice and discipline, and the significance of accepting coaching authority. It ultimately helped her choose her career. She is the proud owner of Yoga Therapy Bar providing physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, and wellness to individuals, groups, and corporations in-studio, by telehealth, and onsite.  “Parents peep this, girls sports can be an absolute game changer for your daughter”. You are most welcome to email Dr. Nekita Sullivan at You can also check her out on the web at and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In. #girlssports #womenssports #ballislife #yogatherapybar #doctorphysicaltherapy #yogateacher #pilatesteacher #healtheducator

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