"From Injury to Recovery: How Hand Therapy Restores Function and Improves Quality of Life"

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Dr. Nekita Sullivan
July 7, 2023
"From Injury to Recovery: How Hand Therapy Restores Function and Improves Quality of Life"

"From Injury to Recovery: How Hand Therapy Restores Function and Improves Quality of Life"

Hand therapy is a specialized area of rehabilitation that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of conditions affecting the hands, wrists, and arms. It is typically provided by physical therapists who have received additional training and certification in hand therapy and occupational therapists. The goal of hand therapy is to improve the function, mobility, and strength of the hand and arm, allowing individuals to perform daily activities and tasks with greater ease. Hand therapists work with a wide range of patients, including those with acute injuries, chronic conditions, post-surgery, and repetitive strain injuries.

Here are some common conditions that hand therapy can address:

1.   Fractures: Hand therapists play a vital role in the rehabilitation of hand and wrist fractures. They may use techniques such as splinting, exercises, and manual therapy to promote healing, restore range of motion, and strengthen the affected area.

2.   Tendon and Nerve Injuries: Hand therapy is crucial for individuals recovering from tendon and nerve injuries, such as tendon repairs, nerve lacerations, or conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand therapists may utilize specialized exercises, modalities, and customized splints to facilitate healing and regain functional use.

3.   Arthritis: Hand therapy can help individuals with arthritis manage pain, improve joint mobility, and maintain or regain hand function. Therapists may use techniques such as joint protection strategies, therapeutic exercises, and the provision of assistive devices or adaptive equipment.

4.   Repetitive Strain Injuries: Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis or golfer's elbow often result from repetitive motions or overuse. Hand therapists can provide education on proper ergonomics, activity modification, and design personalized exercise programs to alleviate symptoms and prevent further injury.

5.   Amputations and Prosthetics: Hand therapy is essential for individuals who have undergone finger or hand amputations. Therapists can facilitate the recovery process, including wound care, scar management, desensitization techniques, and training in the use of prosthetic devices.

6.   Custom Splinting: Hand therapists are skilled in creating and fitting custom splints to provide support, immobilization, or protection for specific injuries or conditions. Splints can help promote healing, reduce pain, and maintain optimal positioning during the recovery process.

7.    Electronic sports: Esports has gained significant popularity in recent years as a form of competitive gaming. While Esports may not involve physical exertion like traditional sports, players can still experience certain injuries and health issues, particularly related to the hands and wrists due to prolonged and repetitive motions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, trigger finger, gamer's thumb, and postural issues.

Hand therapy typically involves a combination of hands-on techniques, therapeutic exercises, modalities (such as heat, cold, or electrical stimulation), scar management, patient education, and the use of assistive devices or adaptive strategies. The therapy program is tailored to the individual's specific needs and goals. If you are experiencing hand or upper extremity issues, it is recommended to consult with a hand therapist or a healthcare professional with expertise in hand therapy. They can perform a comprehensive evaluation, develop an appropriate treatment plan, and provide guidance throughout the rehabilitation process.

Dr. Nekita Sullivan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified hand therapist. She provides services to youth, adults, seniors, veterans, athletes, esports athletes, teams, those with special needs, corporations, and more. She has over twenty years of experience. Yoga Therapy Bar is proud to offer hand therapy services in downtown Clemson, virtually, and off-site to Upstate residents of Clemson, Central, Liberty, Easley, Pendleton, Anderson, Seneca, Walhalla, Westminister, and Salem. Physical Therapy services are one hour in duration one-on-one.  Pricing options include a flat fee for one treatment or a package fee for multiple treatments.  No referral is needed.  There are no insurance limitations.  Email Dr. Nekita Sullivan at info@yogatherapybar.com for details. You can also check us out on the web at www.yogatherapybar.com and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In.  #physicaltherapyClemson #handtherapyClemson #eSportstherapy #arthritistherapy #bodyandmind #holistic

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